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Music Dreams & Cade Ankney

Liv and Cole try an iced coffee from Starbucks and talk to Cade Ankney about his personal life, past careers, music career dreams, fashion, and play the truth or lie game.

Mother's Day & Summer Stuff

Liv and Cole try a new cold brew coffee and talk about all things summer, Mothers Day, and answer some questions from their listeners.

Skin Care & Lauren Fisher

Liv and Cole try a new coffee from Brickhouse Coffee Co. and talk to Lauren Fisher about her personal life, skin care, would you rather, and play the truth or lie game.

Significant Others & Personality Tests

Liv and Cole try a new coffee from Ohio, play would you rather, take a personality test, share some listener Q&A's, and debate some guys vs. girls topics.

Snickers Creamer and Jobs

Liv and Cole try a new coffee creamer and talk job experience, closing time rudeness, trends that need to die, weird law trivia, and the new coffee shop in town.

Annoying Noises and Unicorns

Liv and Cole are back from their break with new coffee, pet peeves, how to choose limes, brand name or generic, and Liv asks Cole some funny questions.

Mad Libs and Green Shirts

Liv and Cole try coffee from Chicago, talk trips, power outages, customer service, St. Patrick's Day, review the national day list, and Cole has some questions for Liv.

Starbucks Clouds and Girl Scout Cookie's

Liv and Cole receive some new coffee to try and talk about a new Starbucks drink, moving, Holidays, and girl scout cookies.

Daylight Savings and The Jo Bro's

Liv and Cole discuss the pros and cons of daylight savings, the Jonas Brother's reunion, working out, and Liv's bad day.

Dude Booties and Poo Teeth

Liv and Cole recap the previous week, talk bathrooms, and shopping habits.

Valentine's Day and Kids These Days

Liv and Cole intro the podcast and talk about Valentine's Day, plus the cons of getting older.

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