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Death Wish & Thanksgiving

Liv and Cole try Death Wish Coffee while they discuss their family's Thanksgiving traditions, favorite holiday foods/dishes, recap the last three years of Friendsgiving, and try to help listeners with their gift buying this season.

Merry Coffee & Holiday Decor

Celebrating their 30th recording, Liv and Cole try the Caribou Blend from Caribou Coffee on this week's episode. After going down many different rabbit holes, they discuss the new holiday drinks at Starbucks and give some great tips for your holiday decorating!

Calfé & Inspiration (Late Night)

Liv and Cole try the Calfé Coffee Milk Stout from Rhinegeist brewery on this installment of their Late Night series. While sipping away they get into what inspired them through life and how that played a part in where they are today. Of course, you can expect much more, including a debate on Christmas trees!

Relationships & Audrey DeFoe

With Liv being in Colorado, Cole invites his girlfriend Audrey DeFoe on the show to talk about their relationship. They start with their favorite Nespresso Coffees and Five Daughters Doughnuts from Nashville Tenessee and explain how they met, plus both perspectives of being part of a relationship with someone who has had a previous marriage.

Triflix & Tristan Watkins

Liv & Cole try the Starbucks Fall Blend Medium Roast and talk to Tristan Watkins about his personal life, early careers, entry into the world of entrepreneurship, what inspires his work, his company Triflix, podcasting, the woes of wedding planning, and play the truth or lie game.

Pumpkin Spice & Fall TV

Liv and Cole try Starbucks Instant Pumpkin Spice Latte and get caught up after missing a week. They discuss the history of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, Fall TV shows, Winter fat storage, snow driving, the streaming wars, Chinese buffets, what inspires Liv, their current giveaway, and more!

What's Happening & Andrew Ursprung

Liv & Cole try the Starbucks Veranda Blend and talk to Andrew Ursprung (who doesn't drink coffee!?) about his personal life, early careers, entry into the world of entrepreneurship, What's Happening App, social media changes to come, play the truth or lie game, and Liv gets triggered.

Nespresso & Mansions

Liv and Cole try using a Nespresso Virtuo Machine and Starbucks creamers while they discuss their recent wedding shoot, Dunkin vs. Starbucks, expensive houses, driving annoyances, Christmas in September and more!

DJing & Iman Tucker

Liv & Cole try the Ralph Lauren Coffee from the girl's episode and talk to Iman Tucker about his personal life, faith, entry into the world of entrepreneurship, Carmel based tech company Cardboard, Indianapolis DJ career, Believe Brand Co., and play the truth or lie game.

Boneless Wings & Photoshoots

Liv and Cole try Starbucks Iced Espresso Classics Vanilla Latte and get caught up after not sharing an episode for a while. They discuss their recent photoshoot, how soon summer is coming to an end, some of what they have been up to during the season, bone-in or boneless wings, appropriate foods for a first date, and more!

The Girls Room & Dating Fails

Liv is joined by Audrey Defoe and Lauren Fisher as guest co-host's on the podcasts first ladies episode. They try Ralph Lauren coffee, discuss their different personalities, go to Starbucks order, go to ladies night drink of choice, bad pickup lines, why guys cat call, dating fails/bad dating stories and take the "Basic White Girl" quiz.

21st B-Day's & Music Stuff

Cole is joined by Cade Ankney and Levi Sullivan as guest co-host's on this epibrode. They try the Nicaraguan Blend from Lifeboost Coffee, discuss Android Vs. iPhone, embarrassing 21st birthday stories, artists they are listening to, the science behind music and streaming, and the music industry. Artist Mentioned List: Clay Finnesand, Volbeat, Kenny Chesney, Corey Harper, Bros Landreth, The Devil Wears Prada, Charlie Puth

The Great Hack & Spy Kits

Liv and Cole try Coffee Junkiez Medium Roast and discuss the Netflix documentary "The Great Hack", which sparks conversation about privacy, data, what data we have access to, and the pros and cons that come with the convenience of technology. These topics also spark old memories of fun tech they played with when they were kids.

Entrepreneurs & Jeremy Miller

Liv & Cole try Big Bang from Peet's Coffee and talk to Jeremy Miller about his personal life, entry into the world of entrepreneurship, the STARTedUP Foundation, marketing, big business vs. small business, and play the truth or lie game.

Sun King Collab & Liv's Ex (Late Night)

Liv and Cole are adding to the Life & Lattes empire with Late Night episodes! On the debut episode, Liv and Cole try the 4 collaboration beers Sun King released at their 10th-anniversary party. They also discuss what Liv missed on the guys only espisode and Liv's ex boyfriend gets called out.

Dance & Grace Bowling

Liv & Cole try the Starbucks Dark Roast Iced Coffee and talk to Grace Bowling about her personal life, dance background, dating, recently joining the Colts cheer leading squad and play the truth or lie game.

Real Estate & Jackson Schwier

Liv & Cole try the Starbucks Premium Select Costa Rica Coffee and talk to Jackson Schwier about his personal life, careers, traveling, marriage, Vintage317, the real estate world and play the truth or lie game.

Followers & Alex Rodgers

Liv & Cole try the Starbucks Premium Select Kenya Coffee and talk to Alex Rodgers about his personal life, school, careers, traveling, art, the difficulties of trying to gain followers on social media and play the truth or lie game.

Dating & Levi Sullivan

Cole is joined by Cade Ankney as a guest co-host on this episode. They try the Breakfast Blend from Starbucks, discuss dating from a man's perspective, and talk to Levi Sullivan about his personal life, career switching woes, being a funcle, finance, and play the truth or lie game.

Race Weekend & Memorial Day

Liv and Cole try a new Starbucks coffee and talk about Man Weekend, Indy 500, Memorial Day, Sun King Anniversary event, Summer must-haves, Indy's new coffee shop opening, and their latest giveaway.

Music Dreams & Cade Ankney

Liv and Cole try an iced coffee from Starbucks and talk to Cade Ankney about his personal life, past careers, music career dreams, fashion, and play the truth or lie game.

Mother's Day & Summer Stuff

Liv and Cole try a new cold brew coffee and talk about all things summer, Mothers Day, and answer some questions from their listeners.

Skin Care & Lauren Fisher

Liv and Cole try a new coffee from Brickhouse Coffee Co. and talk to Lauren Fisher about her personal life, skin care, would you rather, and play the truth or lie game.

Significant Others & Personality Tests

Liv and Cole try a new coffee from Ohio, play would you rather, take a personality test, share some listener Q&A's, and debate some guys vs. girls topics.

Snickers Creamer and Jobs

Liv and Cole try a new coffee creamer and talk job experience, closing time rudeness, trends that need to die, weird law trivia, and the new coffee shop in town.

Annoying Noises and Unicorns

Liv and Cole are back from their break with new coffee, pet peeves, how to choose limes, brand name or generic, and Liv asks Cole some funny questions.

Mad Libs and Green Shirts

Liv and Cole try coffee from Chicago, talk trips, power outages, customer service, St. Patrick's Day, review the national day list, and Cole has some questions for Liv.

Starbucks Clouds and Girl Scout Cookie's

Liv and Cole receive some new coffee to try and talk about a new Starbucks drink, moving, Holidays, and girl scout cookies.

Daylight Savings and The Jo Bro's

Liv and Cole discuss the pros and cons of daylight savings, the Jonas Brother's reunion, working out, and Liv's bad day.

Dude Booties and Poo Teeth

Liv and Cole recap the previous week, talk bathrooms, and shopping habits.

Valentine's Day and Kids These Days

Liv and Cole intro the podcast and talk about Valentine's Day, plus the cons of getting older.

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