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The Mocha Nut & 1 Year (Anniversary Special)

Liv & Cole are in front of a live audience this week! They celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the show at The Mocha Nut Coffee Shop. Surrounded by family and friends they talk about starting the show, favorite moments, top coffees, things they've learned, answer audience questions, and ask live would you rather's. This episode is accompanied by a special Toasted Marshmellow Mocha Nut Latte made just for the night.

Real Life & Hugh Mark II

Liv & Cole try the Obsidian from Utopian Coffee and talk to Hugh Mark II about his personal life, education woes, figuring out a career, coaching, roles in ministry, experience in sales, and play the truth or lie game.

Tiny Homes & Ballie

Liv and Cole enjoy the House Blend from Mocha Nut (again) and discuss tiny homes, Samsung Ballie robot, creepy AI, and Cole has some interesting questions for Liv to answer!

10 Pillars & Luke Reks

Liv & Cole try the Starbucks Medium Roast with Essential Vitamins and talk to Luke Reks about his personal life, early careers, entry into the world of entrepreneurship, what inspires his work, his journey through school with a disability, philanthropy, working with Novelty Growth, the 10 Pillars, and play the truth or lie game.

Goals & Expectations

Liv and Cole try the House Blend from Mocha Nut and discuss their personal goals, business goals, and how to manage your expectations. If you have struggled with goal setting or need help staying on track, well so have they. Listen in to find out how they are finding the right techniques to manage the goals in their own lives.

2020 & Catching Up

After a long, but needed Christmas break, Liv and Cole are back! In this episode, they try Starbucks Holiday Blend and catch up with all the happenings from Christmas, New Year, and everything in between.

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